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About Educateurs sans Frontères (EsF)

  • Program established by the Association Montessori Internationale.
  • Participants revisit the Montessori principles and practices from the perspective of society at large.
  • Participants in the Montessori Movement are actively involved, or interested, in working to create more harmonious neighbourhoods, communities, regions, countries, and the world through new forms of collaboration and innovation, both small and large. The Movement is for people who are committed to Montessori’s core ideas on the child and social reform­—who come together to discuss how they can make a difference, whether at the grass roots level or beyond.    
  • Participants apply Dr. Montessori's work in a wide variety of ways that can benefit the cause of the child beyond the school and the home. Her own term for the pedagogy she created was 'Education as an Aid to Life,' and education as an aid to life is applicable at any time, in any place, within all social strata, through public or private agencies, in settings rural, urban, and remote.

Three Elements of each Educateurs sans Frontières Assembly

  • Deeper Understanding: To deepen the individual and collective understanding of the essential Montessori principles. This is achieved through the collective study of Dr. Montessori's writings in an equitable atmosphere and suitably designed, prepared environment.
  • Preparation: To support participants through a process of self-examination and self-awareness around the many and deep issues involved in our work, thereby empowering them to go out into the world ready to sow the seeds of Montessori thought and practice. Outside speakers from a variety of fields will support this element, as well as a close examination of Dr. Montessori's own inspirations and work.
  • Applicable Practice: To develop and encourage individual and collective knowledge of the innumerable possibilities, openings, and opportunities for our work in the world, and to acknowledge the power of one person to make a difference.

The Three Assemblies

  1. (1999)  The first Assembly, Città di Castello, Italy.
  2. (2004)  The second Assembly, Burgos, Spain.
  3. (2011)  The third Assembly, Dallas, Texas.


In the words of Renilde Montessori (1999)

“When Montessori principles are applied in the wider context of society, their possibilities are vast and all-encompassing. They can be of incalculable help to parents, social workers, child-care workers, and family counsellors, in short, to any person involved with the developing human being.”

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